Web Marketing

Marketing can be hard.. Website Retrofit makes it easy.

Marketing your services can be one of the most challenging elements of being in business for yourself. But does marketing have to be as hard as we seem to think it is? Maybe not…

Marketing 101

You know that you can reach online consumers through paid tactics like search and display advertising that drives people back to your website. But what are you doing to market your business across the rest of the Web? You need to reach consumers where they are looking for and engaging with local businesses, like organic search results, local directories, social media sites, and review sites. To solve this problem, we offer a powerful Web marketing service that uses content marketing, and social media marketing.

Mobile Friendly Websites

Website Retrofit combines Web marketing software with our expert service team to build your brand and deliver results. Your Web presence works with you to develop the right strategy for your business goals and objectives. They then create and cast content and social updates on your behalf and listen and engage with consumers talking about your business online. And most importantly, we regularly consult with you about content, tactics, and results your campaign is generating.

Search Optimized Content

We create a mobile-friendly, search-optimized blog, called a Cast page, that serves as your content and conversation hub. Then, we publish a stream of fresh content optimized for search engines to boost your organic search rank, build your Web presence, and get you more traffic and leads..

Local Listing

Website Retrofit combines Web marketing software with our expert service team to build your brand. It includes registering your domain on over 30 premium local directories, including Google Places, Yahoo! Local, Superpages, and Citysearch, to make sure your business information is accurate and updated across the Web. It also includes featured listing and rich data about your business, such as an offer, logo, or photos of your business, all to boost your visibility and drive more traffic.