Cross-Browser Compatible
What browser or what devices are you using to view this website?
Is your website Mobile Friendly? Does it adhere to Responsive Website Design?
We never know if a visitor to our website is using a PC or a MAC, maybe even an iPhone® , Android® or tablet. How will your website look? Will it even work at all?
Don’t assume because it looks good to you that it looks good to everyone.

W3C Standards
HTML5 is here. We now develop to this latest, cutting-edge standard. W3C standards enhance accessibility and promises long-term durability (which we call “forward compatibility”) for any document published on the web. If you care to reach the largest audience for the longest time possible, you want to work with web standards, and where document structure and layout are concerned, HTML5 and XHTML & CSS are the way to go.

We’re talking “Accessibility”. Is your website built using frames? How about flash? If you can answer yes to either of these questions, your website may not be viewable to your highest potential customers.

Companies with many computers typically rely on their IT department to update software and plug-ins, and this takes time. What if the IT department hasn’t gotten around to updating the decision makers computer yet?

Search Engine Friendly
Even if you have the coolest website on the internet, if people can’t find you on the search engines, you don’t exist!

Search Engine Optimized
The search engines are of paramount importance to our clients. Good thing “class” has two S’s in it so we can place a special emphasis on the search engines here. We build websites in a way that the search engines love and will allow it the best possibility to achieve the highest position on the search engines.