Web Design

Do you wish to enhance the user experience on your websites and software applications and make it memorable for your customers to interact with your web and mobile properties?

Website Retrofit helps establish and nurture your brand’s presence on the web with our intuitive and user-friendly designs. Our designs will ensure that the navigation, interaction and presentation on your websites, and software applications support your business goals . We create designs that help users find what they are looking for quickly and easily
Our Web Design Services:

Responsive Design: We design responsive, custom websites for small and medium businesses as well as corporate. We not only design a website that is appealing and relevant to the target audience, but also make sure it works for you, driving more traffic and generating better conversions.

Mobile UI Design (user interface) : We design impressive user interfaces that enhance the look and feel of your mobile applications and make them stand out. Our mobile UI designs seamlessly blend usability and functionality by leveraging  multi-touch gestures such as swipe, gentle tap, pinch, and segmented controls.

Template Conversion: We also specialize in converting PSD templates to other high-end formats such as HTML, HTML5, ASP/ASP.Net, CSS3 with cross browser support and adherence to web standards. We validate the converted templates and test them on multiple devices and browsers.

Turnkey Website Design: Website Retrofit’s turnkey websites come with a built-in configuration and offer a readymade solution for your business needs. These are functional websites, with pre-installed interactive and hosting scripts for range of needs such as affiliate programs, shopping carts, ecommerce.


Intuitive: Our goal is to design in such a way that users can easily find their way around websites and apps without thinking too much. We strive to make the choices and options obvious.

Responsive: Responsive design provides the most favorable solution for your users to access your websites and applications on a variety of devices and preserve the integrity of good user experience.

Minimalistic Design: Good design does not equate an overload of features. Less is more in the world of flat and minimalistic web and mobile applications and we apply this approach to our design.

Visual Impact: Visual design is about not only about eye candy and use of attractive images. Our designs are constructed to leave a lasting impact on first-time users and create a stream of return visitors.

Best Practices: We follow the design best practices to ensure your web pages load faster. Design is optimized to make your website be readily indexed and ranked high on search engines.

Attention to Detail: We use a variety of design elements such as balance, color, consistency, contrast, grouping, proportion and spacing to create a visual hierarchy that grabs the attention of users.