Software Testing

Website Retrofit leverages its experience in software testing to validate the quality of software applications and ensure they function effectively. We follow established and rigorous quality assurance and software testing practices to make sure your apps deliver the intended results for all users at all times.

Our software testing services include:

Functional Testing: We will test your software to verify that they will work as intended. Make your software work for your customers and don’t miss an opportunity again because of a failed application.

Performance Testing: Will your software sustain itself and perform optimally under maximum load when the number of users or requests rises rapidly? We will find and establish that with our performance tests.

Security Testing: We know it is tougher to regain lost customers than to gain a new one. Our security specialists will test the safety of your applications to ensure that your customer information is protected.

Test Automation: Automate your software testing with multiple tests to improve efficiency and effectiveness. We help you choose the right tool and framework to get the best results while you save on cost.

Mobile Testing: Don’t loose sleep over the multiple mobile devices and the dizzying number of browsers on which your mobile applications are expected to work. We have got it covered for you.


Rigor: We are thorough and meticulous in the way in which we test your software applications. Our goal is to make sure your software works. Period.

Methodology: Our software testing methods and services are responsive and agile. We quickly adapt ourselves to the changing industry trends and evolving needs of our customers.

Flexibility: Get your testing done when your software or product is nearing completion or at any stage of the development cycle. Select between automated and manual testing services.

Security: We identify and expose the vulnerabilities in your software and help you fix them prior to release. Test data is saved securely and shared only with authorized users.

Multiple Device Support: Real testers check your applications on different devices in which your applications are expected to be used and work – be it desktop, PC, Mac, mobile, or tablet.

Advanced tools: We use the latest and the most suitable tools relevant for the software and test case under consideration. We have tools that match the requirements of companies and products of all sizes.