The Importance of Being Mobile

Of all the various technological advancements of the past decade or so, mobile website technology is probably the most important and consequential not only for our purposes as a business, but for technology and media on the whole. The ability to quickly and consistently access the internet from just about anywhere has opened up the playing field for content creators, marketers, news outlets, online retailers (obviously) even conventional brick and mortar retailers and has accordingly abetted the creation of some pretty incredible technologies from developers.

More than Just Responsive Design

Website Retrofit’s development and design departments have grown and responded to this surge with the thoughtful execution of various mobile applications, stand-alone sites, and adaptive and responsive designs – basically running the gamut of what a designer and developer can do with a phone or tablet. The key word there, however, is not a buzzword like adaptive design or responsive design – it’s thoughtful. Choosing the best mobile experience for your business, regardless of the newest trend, is where Website Retrofit’s execution excels. If your site and business will benefit from a responsive or adaptive design, we’ll deliver that experience to your users. If, after some exploration and research, it is determined that your business would excel with a standalone mobile website, Website Retrofit will recommend that mobile approach for your business.

Specifically Responsive to Your Needs

We give your business and your users the best possible experience no matter how they reach the site. Good business sense will, in every case, trump a flashy new fad; which is not to say we don’t love the next big thing – we just prioritize by your needs, not the tech that fulfills them. Users are going to land on your site from mobile devices – there is no getting around that – but whether they have to pinch and zoom their way through your navigation or get nice big buttons, whether they wait 30 seconds for an image to load or get a quick and easy menu, whether they bounce or stay – is entirely up to your mobile development.