Lies All Web Designers Tell Their Clients

I strive to maintain a level of honesty and integrity with my clients and myself. I hear these stories too often when I talked to prospect clients that they get these information from ‘professionals’ they spoke to:

Company’s Website Requires Monthly Fee to Manage it
Unless you’re constantly making updates to your site, your website should not cost anything on a monthly basis. And if you ARE making a bunch of updates you should be using technology that frees you from your web development company anyway – a content management system – that lets you make updates for FREE. Now hosting (the place where your site sits) is a different story… as are more technical updates. But for most businesses sites you’re positioned as the best person (or persons) to update.

Search Engine Optimization is a Mystery
Search Engines, are simple, they read content and sort that content by what they think is most valuable. They determine what’s most valuable by a TON of different factors, but for your sake just understand that the higher quality your site (the better the code), the more you update it, and the more people that talk about your site (on and off the web), the better you will do.

A Website with Your Contact is All You Need
Many owners believe a website to be like a business card – just another necessity of business to look legitimate. And it is. But, a website is so much more, and needs to be treated as such. It’s a 24/7 sales tool, 24/7 support tool, and can actually BRING customers in the door through search engines and other marketing.

A Website Will Just Bring Drive People to Buy Your Stuff
A website alone is like a building in the desert – you must build in-roads, put up signs and banners, and still get the word out about your new “online building.” Marketing, is VITAL to success online. Luckily, it’s more targeted and inexpensive than anything that’s been at a small businesses disposal throughout all of human history.

You Can/Can’t Do This (Web) Stuff
You can do MOST of the important stuff when it comes to the web like writing the content, so if you’re a business owner or web marketing manager, brush up on those writing skills! Now, there will be times when things get technical, and that’s why I suggest surrounding yourself with tools (or a team) that can help…

Monthly SEO Fee to Get Better Ranking
I hate this one – just like the “web management fee” SEO or search engine optimization involves manipulating the factors that determine how Google or other search engines rank your website. At the end of the day, a monthly fee may be in order, but there’s no set “$300/month” rate as every industry, location, and keyword is different. Additionally, SEO is entirely holistic – every factor must be evaluated, as in many local situations you can simply update a tiny code and immediately rank #1 for many terms. In any case “SEO” is a misnomer. All of our sites are “search engine optimized” but it’s the ongoing content writing that is really important.

The Web is Fast/Easy to Sell Online
Nope, it’s going to take time, work, and money. It’s possible to achieve a lot on the web, but if you’re expecting fast riches you’ll probably be disappointed and quit too soon.

Hosting is Not Important
Hosting is technical and boring, it involves the computer your website and email sit and are presented to the world. Nothing is more important… search engines use it as one of their tools in evaluating your ranking (so it’s important for marketing) and if you’re using it for email – ANY downtime means you’ll be losing money paying employees when they can’t do work. Get good hosting!! More below of course.

You Can Outsource Easily to Other Countries
Outsourcing has its pros and cons. But I’m going to totally have to disagree with people who believe that outsourcing everything is the way to have an amazing site for less possible investment. The idea is alluring, the ability to concentrate more on oneself romantic, but in reality outsourcing can be a huge pain as monetary, technical, and language barriers all get in the way.

Without social Media Your Website will struggle to bring traffic
Social media is just not that important for most businesses right now. Here’s why – you need to invest your time, money, energy, on what will work immediately and what will bring in results as FAST as possible. Social media is NOT the fastest way to more business. I think it’s important in later stages of a web marketing plan.. but first, get a great site, have great content, then market it in OTHER ways, then start thinking (and planning around) Social.