We believe that business is about people not technology, and that successful working relationships are based on mutual trust, respect and honesty.

In business we could all do with more leads, more sales and more profit. Traffic coming to your website and then leaving without purchasing your product or making contact with your business is an opportunity lost, we help you change that.

Founded in 2006

Website Retrofit Web Development & Online Marketing Consulting was formed with the idea that small to medium sized businesses were consistently unable to maximize their marketing budget. By merging Web Development with Online Marketing Consulting production under one efficient umbrella, we are able to design marketing strategies as well as help businesses successfully and affordably implement them. Website Retrofit mission is to be a leading source of professionals for Web design, development and online marketing for business big and small. For that we make these commitments to our:




We appreciate your patronage. You are our business. We promise to serve and anticipate your needs. We will strive to give you solutions that are cost effective, innovative, reliable, and of the highest quality possible. We promise to build a relationship of mutual benefit, honoring your trust.

Business Partners

We need you. You are instrumental in reaching out our market. Above all, we will give you the best support. We will listen to your ideas and service your needs promptly. We treasure our mutual trust and loyalty.



Our Team

You are our company’s most valuable asset. Your contributions have made us what we are today. We need you to move into the future. We strive to create a working environment for you that is open, friendly, exciting, and rewarding. Your position in the company will reflect only job responsibility, and not hierarchy. Team


We respect you. We will compete with you professionally and ethically. When appropriate, we will cooperate with you to rise standards for the end users of our products and services.

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